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Wood Flooring Pros & Cons - Energy Efficiency - Comparisons


Talk about the need of the hour for many home owners and energy efficiency tops the list of concerns. Making your day to day utilities energy efficient will not only help you boost your economic condition by saving you money, but it will also help with the energy conservation. One such proposed alternative is the concept of wood flooring.

Energy Efficiency:

So the big question is How Energy Efficient Are Wood Floors? Wood is a great insulator and proper insulation not only helps you keep your feet warm, but it can also help you save about 20% on your heating costs, as no heat will be lost through the cracks in your floors. Thus, your wood floors can be both energy efficient and cost efficient at the same time.

Advantages of Wood Floors vs. Carpet:

Talking about its advantages, there are many. To mention a few:

You may say that using a carpet can be effective, but you must know that wood flooring can give you the same degree of warmth with a longer durability and obviously some eye-grabbing good looks!

Expansion and Contraction Concerns:

Along with the good looks, yet another advantage of wood flooring is that when you feel they are getting old, you can sand them down and refinish them time and again. - Thus, you could say that wooden floors are quite kind to the environment, aren't they?

A very important concern in this regard is that wood can expand and contract with changing temperatures. But the solution to this is that you should avoid solid wood flooring, because it is the solid wood flooring that can undergo a significant damage in case of fluctuating temperatures. In addition to this, you can have a ply base for the floor to avoid this. - Yet another efficient solution!

Durability & Longevity:

Talking about the technicalities and durability, you must know what type of wood you must use. Usually there are two types of woods that can be used for this purpose, namely hardwood and vinyl wood. Vinyl woods longevity depends on the thickness of coating it has while hardwood can last for generations! Engineered Wood floors are extremely hard, they are resistant to damage and stand up well to heavy wear and tear. - Not surprisingly, they employ hardwood floors at many prominent dance studios where there is a lot of ongoing wear and tear to the floors from dancing.

Even if they are damaged, costs of reinforcements are economical. Despite of being impervious and sensitive to humidity, time and again the application of water proofing solutions or application of plywood chip board helps you maintain your flooring.

Wood Floors vs. Ceramic Tiles:

On the other hand, ceramic tiles cool down rapidly and can never give you the warmth you want. So your heating costs are bound to rise. Looking at all these points, you can certainly conclude that wood floors are the one stop solution to get energy efficiency!

Date Created: 20-Sep-2014
Last Updated: 10-Oct-2016
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